mission & values

Our mission is to ensure the best product's quality and design with affordable price.

We develop continuous and creative imagination, together with skills and experience.

Our collaboration with Teaching institutions worldwide and Italian industry gives us a constant inspiration in creating new products.

Despite our production system has been enlarged over the years, we maintain the mentality of the average small business, typical of Made in Italy, focusing on products identity and relationship with costumers.

We are genuine manufacturer of all products in our catalogues. Most of raw materials and components are also sourced in Italy or Europe.


Our technical department can support you to optimize the use of the equipment, to supply training on site or in Italy, to provide technical assistance and to keep your trainers up to date. Tailor made Laboratory Proposals can be prepared to fit the specific need, including:

  • Precisely defined minimum technical specifications.

  • Training stations and complete laboratory composition, with alternatives and options.

  • Budgetary proposals containing suggested quantities and experiments list.